Monday, 20 April 2009

Am I a bitch? (Unfortunately it's available only this version written in my customary awful english language)

This piece of writing is just for letting you realize my actual shitness level.
If there's - luckily - always someone considering the great effects deriving from the innovating declaration signed on last December 18th by 66 different Countries, convicting violations based on gender identity and sexual stance (?), so great effects that today we can read the wonderful new about the - never too late - release of 9 activists in Senegal, who had to serve 8 years in prison for "obscene conduct and unnatural gross indecency " (they are just gay; this is their own fault); if still there's someone writing about Mr Rithy Panh, Academy Awards director, and his priceless documentary film about Cambodia and Red-Khmer's regime, or someone (Francesca Lancini, East Magazine, no.23) still analizing Mr Panh's invaluable words like "paper can't wrap embers"; If there is someone on this earth nowadays, specially in Italy, who's so brave to let us remember of those Pope Giovanni Paolo II's words: "We can't breath like Christians, I mean like Catholics only, that is one-lung; we need two lungs to breath, that is the Eastern Ortodox lung and the Occidental one", predicating that chimerical people unity... if - this is not simple at all - there is someone like my sister, or my dear friend R., 29 years old, graduated and already working since 4 years in Switzerland as engineer, and teaching in the same time at Politecnico Milano's University, the same who gained today the doctoral degree and probably going to the office tomorrow early in the morning - I mean at 5.30 a.m!

If there are such people, such bad sorts in the world, walking by my side, eating by my side - people like you, who are reading - or maybe trying to decode - this crappy piece of writing... well, you understand my shitness degree when I tell you that today I am simply happy because I won a meeting with a new possible client. But I am not happy because this means that work is increasing and maybe I'll lose not my job. I am happy just because a new possible appointment means the chance for me to wear my brand new Loro Piana suit and my astonishing brand new pair of shoes.

I know - I'm a bitch. The fact remains that my shoes are enchanting shoes.

The fact remains that... I am an asshole bloody bitch.
(But my new suit is still soft and gorgeous).


v. said...

Trovare la felicità o anche solo il sorriso in una cosa apparentemente futile secondo me è un dono che hanno in pochi,vanne fiero!
:-) v.

" semplicità
la semplicità,
nelle cose che ami
per le cose che ami.."

Madavieč'77 said...

Lo dicevo io! Sempre pronto a cavarne il meglio, eh?