Friday, 14 August 2009

New Generations Play Away

Well, it happened not long ago that I was chatting on a gay website. Actually I’m not used to do it so often, but when it comes upon I have a lot of fun.
I’ve been always told a lot of anecdotes about encounters with very strange people surfing on the net, but I have to be honest now confessing I’ve never known crazy guys, I mean crazy in a definitely way – that is odder than me.
Anyway, although – as you know – generally I’m attracted by older men, last time I run into a 20 years old cat. As usual he told me he does not see nothing wrong in such generation gap between us, but I obviously made him clear it was me perceiving it. So we restricted ourselves in telling something more about each other. We spoke - wrote – about school, my job, and he’s proving being a very smart guy till… till I read something very odd on my pink-pulsing chat-window.
Yes, this time it happened something odd to me as well. Or better still - it’s what I consider odd on the basis of my short experience.
«I’m going to Dubai» he wrote.
«Wow!» I replied «You know what? I’ve been there last year, on the occasion of a job trip. I did not like that city very much. It’s… I think it’s just an opulent desert. Nothing more. Malls and malls and malls…».
«Oh, I am so excited, indeed» he typed.
«Okay. It’s a great experience anyway. It’s a different country, a different culture. Or rather: it’s like a crossroads of so many cultures and languages! I’m sure you’ll have fun» I was bringing our conversation to an end also because I was quite tired. It was 11.30 p.m. Actually, it’s the R.E.M. stage time to me. But he surprised me with his last comment:
«I don’t know. I hope you’re right. I just hope and pray I’ll find a Pakistan manservant being disposed to get me to do a blowjob».
At first it was silence by my side.
“Who’s this?” was the first thing I suddenly asked myself for. And then:
«So, do you really think you need to fly to Dubai to run at a man with a blowjob? And why did you say “Pakistan manservant”?» I said and then I kept thinking: “It would be enough for you to come down here, on the road. Maybe you might get this main street free at last!”.
«I believe they are the only ones, who’d want it».
Why a - supposed - smart young boy would need something like this? He told me that his parents – actually his mum – are aware of his homosexuality, and his friends as well (and this is already noticeable for an Italian gay), so I don’t believe it was due to the fact he’s not free to have oral gay sex in Italy… Maybe even at his own home!?
Is there maybe a new class of Italian maniacs supporting Pakistan waiters? Or should we say oppressing Pakistan waiters (as if they’d be not oppressed enough by super-rich Arabic businessmen)? Is this me being too inexperienced, or this is really a whish showing something else? Why was he so sure that Pakistans are waiting for him?
Well, it seems to me not quite safe to manage a gay life in UEA today, but maybe this cat will find the true love in Dubai just sucking a compliant waiter, even if he’ll be any one among all nationalities living there? Maybe it’ll be so.
But I thought of another boy – max 25 years old - telling me last night about wonderful gay journeys in Malaysia. It’s easy to find love there, he told me, underlining his passion for Asiatic beauty.
I'm lso attracted by turkish characteristics for example, but why is there such a belief to find love abroad? Maybe new generations are not looking for true love anymore. Or maybe youth never looked for something like this, but they want to have fun only and this is me, who’s too much focused on his own singledom and would see love all over himself.
Must we learn from new gay generations and try to forget not how to enjoy ourselves? And what to do in case we don’t like new funs and rules? Maybe do we risk to get knockout? Must we be afraid of new generations in the middle of the Love-War and start travelling all around the world to advertise ourselves as well? I hope this is not the new frontier. It’d be too much expansive, binding and competitive to me, even though here there’s not even the idea of a trustworthy same-age partner yet, and I’m more and more discouraged now thinking of my next two weeks in the south, where I am happy because I spend my days with my family, but there is no chance to find a partner, as gays and gay life are still forcedly straight in order to avoid nasty looks at least, and sometimes this is me becoming odd. Again.

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vic said...

UUU quante cose che te devo dire..
1)vedi la diversità? Tu da una chattata con un ventenne che aspira a un pompino a Dubay ti sei fatto tante domande su di avrei chiesto solo "ma Dubay mica sta in" Perchè un pakistano a Dubay? Stanno tutti lì i pakistani? BOH! ;-)
2) Le differenze di approcio e di prospettive che hai notato tra te (che hai 32 anni) e lui (che ne ha 20) credo siano normali, vista la differenza di età. Sarebbe da preoccuparsi del contrario. Poi io li invidio molto quelli che a 20anni hanno già le idee così chiare e si divertono alla grande. Io ho perso tantissimo tempo, e li invidio.
3)Le 2 settimane al sud ti faranno bene vedrai. Mettere da parte la "vita gaia" per due settimane è solo salutare. Almeno, a me fa bene..è un'immersione in una sorta di "normalità", lontano da lustrini-paillettes milanesi e da quel secondo lavoro che diventa "troviamo un fidanzato a tutti i costi". Tira il fiato Raff, schiaccia il tasto reset pure tu!! E...MAAAANGIA ;-) [Poi se proprio proprio non resisti ti porto io in un paio di spiaggette di mia conoscenza da queste parti eheh]