Thursday, 3 September 2009

For not italian people purpose only.

Actually, it’s been a summer rich in almost surreal events.
Besides my personal misadventures – f.i. my father, who tried with nonchalance to land me with a girl though I’m gay – all Italy has been crossed by a chain of news astonishing the whole population, who by now looks like be speechless.
While our Prime Minister is dedicating himself to accuse national and international press – English press as well – our capital city’s overwhelmed with acts of violence bringing our Country almost 30 years back.
I’m referring to the assault to the gay people in Rome. A chain of shameful occurrences like “Little-Swastika” stabbing two gay guys just out of the Roman gay bar at first, the arson of a gay disco then, followed by the bombing in the so-called “gay-street”, all in the meanwhile the Vatican City and most of the politics say nothing about and some “possessed” catholic readers leave their own comments on the main newspapers’ websites (f.i.: “homosexuality is immoral, that’s what God said”, and some other shocking remarks letting me desire that such perverse God were so bad to decide to scourge them among awful sufferings) like if what’s happening it’d be completely normal.
It seems that the famous ancient Roman civilization, the one getting Italians deeply esteemed abroad, does not exist anymore.
More and more Italian gays are leaving Italy in order to write on the same websites, from England also, jabbing at our ridiculous condition.
Also Italian brains are leaving our country, because Universities and the Government seems to boycott research.
At the same time south Italy – from where I come and already dashed off – is still in the hands of the organized crime (‘Ndrangheta, Mafia, etc…), and brave Italian writers like Mauro Francesco Minervino and Roberto Saviano with their own book-reports are the only ones fighting on behalf of all of us.
What can I say anymore?
Have you still got a little room for me also? Or is there somebody who wants to exchange with me?
I’m curious to verify how many proposals I’ll receive from now on.

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