Tuesday, 8 September 2009


At last, today I picked up somebody being less than eightysomething.
So please, standing ovation for me and... applause!
Even because he seems to be not only cute – blond hair, blue eyes and tall – but also smart, not strange – insane - like me, with that right paunch letting me guess he’s not a gym maniac and with such enchanting big nose, like an ancient roman, the one I like.
We chased each other through all the supermarket’s aisles and:
“Hi!” I told him putting my foods in the shopper.
“Hi!” he smiled me back.
And… Oh! I’m so naïve… I can't tell…
Be only informed that I bought a lot of nothingness!!

Of course he’s not really like Michal Navratil, the diver with the red cloak taking part to the “Red bull cliff-diving championships in Sisikon, CH” (please, look at him: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1211506/Is-bird-Is-plane-No-just-muscly-cliff-diver-trying-beat-competition.html ).
Now, I have just this last doubt in my mind: is the engagement ring putted on right hand, or on the left one?
I’d not want… you know… I won’t trouble you with a futile standing ovation...


vic said...

Gioiuzza bedda mi sembri Elisa (la cantante) che siccome è timida, quando scrive i suoi testi lo fa in inglese perchè in italiano si vergogna.. :-) E su,coraggio!
Speriamo bene comunque! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I'm not shy at all =)
My fault is just being international... ah-ah!

forgottenpoet said...

Impressive ... .. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mi stò attrezzando per la traduzione... mannaggia all'inglese... Mark