Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I fuck bastards.

He said, I say “Alone again, actually”.
I’d like to climb before descending in that dark sun.
I’d like to write anything before dumping that meaty-pen in the nettles. Before eating that white sheet, chewing it and throwing it up in the stinking feet courts.
I wanted to breathe with your collapsed lung and wander on your tongue made thick with beer and cigarettes, a black tongue steaming frothy blue clouds.
You were the thread tying together blue smoke and grey pearls , you were the dangling and raising insanity in my mind.
Alone again, naturally. I say.
You glance at me again, actually. I stare at you, naturally.
This hateful love, looking like the deep sparkling well, the one housing no darkness anymore, but light only, the only sunny rotten tooth, with which I’d like to crunch you on your fuckin’ pinhead.
You alone.

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Some interesting writing ...