Friday, 22 January 2010


Well. Here we are. Again. Ready to start from the beginning.
You putted too much pressure on me during last month, so that I’d not bail out of my blog-project. Some of you are too curious maybe… On the other hand I missed you too much as well to re-start writing on this web-page.
This is why I thought of course I could recover my blog, but I needed to restyle it. You can already see that it will be completely different, changes are not finished yet and I hope you’ll still like it, though.
It’s not easy to me speak to you today. It’s just a problem of mine, because I’m used to brood over excessively. I’d be more confident and trustful in writing. But this is not something I can get instantly right. It’s my nature. it’s just me. I mean - thinking over, obsessively and in vain.
Human mind and thoughts – grotesque and fascinating matter. How many of you’d believed, once at least, to be on the point of getting crazy? How many of you’d been convinced to get carried away, being beside yourself with rage maybe, and recognize not the world around you anymore?
It’s been happening to me since 20 years. This is why few time ago I decided to come to a psychiatric nursing home at last, just after I’d have a lucky escape from my latest love-decable, and started dating with DS.
I thought this usually happens just to a “privileged” group, that is to say an elite. But I realized that also in this case there is no elite, because we’re all humans, we’re all the same… even though we keep understanding not each other, hurting each other and all feeling themselves as special and unique human beings. Who does not need to feel himself as unique, after all? Did you ever watch that movie, “Die Welle”? Life does work like in this story telling how some German students are firmly confident in the fact that Nazism cannot occur in Germany anymore, but at last they become Nazi indeed and must woefully change their mind. It’s always like this – you believe it can never happen to you… till you’re surprisingly involved as well.
We’ll have a lot of time anyway to reason about my new psychiatric and love misadventures, and maybe you’ll feel like doing the same about yours. Just to make me feel not alone on this earth.
When all’s said and done, I must confess I’m happy to be here with you again. Old Raffaello – new stories. So, let’s push the start-button and… get stuck with me.

Thank you so much, guys. Talk to you soon,

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