Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Gay

After age 35 - a new boyfriend. We're engaged since about 1 year and 2 months, and today I gloat in my new Marlboro Classic's sweater.
Valentine is back.
You well know how I feel about it... Yet, I still wonder that even after age 35, and after 40 & 50, we (you) give more importance to Valentine's day than the general election's. This is what happens in Italy... So I have a new beautiful sweater, that kind made of thick wool, beige and blue colored, with the V-neck and big faux-bone buttons.
You know it's not a happy time for all of us. We all feel the crisis. But in Italy, if you're in love, there, Valentine's day inevitably becomes a new X-mas from which you can not flinch. And so I gave my Valentine's gift to my man too, to Warm Mayor indeed, and I took him to the theater where he enjoyed a lot and where I gained 10 minutes of sleep.
A lot of people, I mean a lot of friends of mine tomorrow will celebrate Faustino's day - the day entirely dedicated to singles (does this exist abroad too?). May be I'll be with them tomorrow, and Warm Mayor'll be by my side of course. I do not want to miss that sense of hope-mixed-despair typical of single people... I miss it a little.

This is also the first year that both I and my dear friend Mrs. Erection are engaged and are not content to enjoy the other's happiness, actually.

When it's Valentine's day everything takes a back seat: the earthquakes in recent days and still plaguing southern Italy; the snow and ice paralyzing the whole country; the blessed spread... In short, all things making you afraid of the Mayan's prediction and convincing you that really this is the right time, that Mayans've hit it.

Then I confront with my brother, who is not only the most intelligent man I've ever met, but today enjoys also the clarity of who's back single recently, despite himself. 
He heartens me: "The Mayans? Do you remember that Mayans were those killing a guy every day, in belief that otherwise the day after sun wouldn't arise?"

Who can blame him?

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