Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Power of Despair

Believe it or not, the most clicked keyword on this blog is STRENGHT/POWER.

These days more than ever, people are looking for a charge, anything to eat, to drink, even to fuck... it doesn't matter - the most important thing is that it can give enough energy to get by.

There are people dissatisfied because this bloody economical crisis forces them to adapt themselves to unsatisfactory jobs; people who for the first time in life have had to get used to ripped shirts hidden under sweaters and to give up new garments in order to buy something to eat, indeed. People who'd like to write, but their PC cracked and they have no more money to buy a new one, or to fix the old one, so they feel like their life's come to the end.

There are other people who have not a job at all, and cannot find it, and even have no money to buy anything to eat, but do they have two or three children at home waiting for the daily meal - these people still feel their life as a long and rewarding life.

There are people who have the strength to carry on, knowing no limits, and if it's true that something bad can always turn into something worst, these people are able to adapt themselves to the worst too. On the other hand there are people exploding along with their gun in piazza Montecitorio, in Rome.

There are people living in better conditions than others. Usually happy people justify bursting people, while unhappy people are used to condemn their fellow: what about me?, they ask with trembling voice due to the overwhelming fear of being about to explode themselves.

From where does it flow the strength to adapt themselves? From where does it come the heart to shoot another man?

My mother claims that strength has got no sources, but it just comes when you need it.

Do you think that we can speak about two main types of strength-sources, at least? In fact, we often speak about strength in desperation, in love, but... we're also more inclined to say: Power of Love, and Power of Faith (which can be considered as part of Love, actually).

May be there is a substantial difference between the Power (which seems to be typical of our Love and our Despair) and the Strength (which seems to be the product of the above-quoted power).

Then, the Power as source of our Strenght rising from the depths of our despair.

I'm wondering also if there is Love without Despair.

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