Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Puting-out : about Winter Olimpics in Sochi and the anti-gay President

I find it's a brilliant idea, and I’m very happy, and proud too, that once again it’s an Italian one.

I thank very much the Italian artist Valentina Venturini for her last work - a statue of an ambigous President Putin -, and for making mention of herself, giving further evidence of the social utility of art.

We can truly say that everyone is palying, or has played already his own part, so that the Winter Olimpics in Sochi (7-23 February 2014) will be remembered as the worldwide protest against the Putin’s anty-gay laws, to signfy that sport does not have any sexual orientation!

The President Obama had already decided that 2 lesbian athletes (Billie Jean King – 70 years old – and Caitlin Cahow) would be part of the official delegation representing the United Sates in Sochi (I whish Italy could have taken the same decision!); then the athletes of the German Team had worn special uniforms colored with rainbow colors.

Thanks to Mrs Valentina Venturini’s work, also Italy (despite itself) can boast of lifting a finger in this whole affair rather than playing the Neutral-par-Excellence-Swiss’ role.

So, on last Jan the 4th President V. Putin come out with that decision reviewing the absolute prohibition to all the demonstrations in Sochi, which are not related to the Winter Games (Read the official web-site: Владимир Путин подписал Указ «О внесении изменения в Указ Президента Российской Федерации от 19 августа 2013 года № 686 «Об особенностях применения усиленных мер безопасности в период проведения ХХII Олимпийских зимних игр и XI Паралимпийских зимних игр 2014 года в г. Сочи».). Last, but not least, the President congratulated personally the Dutch speed skater on ice, Ireen Wust; it seems that he hugged her even, asking if all is ok in Russia… Quite confusing, ah?

With my work – said Mrs Valentina to one of the most important Italian newspapers – I’d like to send a strong social message. What happens in Russia is a violation of the individual freedom, and that’s why my goal is now to raise people awareness so that such forms of discriminations will be not replayed never again in the future.”

May be, our artist’s anticipated unwittingly the very next Russian President’s surrender declaration?