Monday, 17 November 2014

The Castaways Population and the Holey Boot

What’s happening to Italy and to Italians?

The general feeling seems to be the castaway’s one, adrift and staying afloat holding himself to a twig, which is clearly inadequate to rescue him.

Actually, it’s also clear that the twig is just a symbol of hope, the hope of not drowning; it’s just an input to not give in, and keep stroking towards the unknown, hoping to see in the distance, sooner or later, the gray shadow of a shore, whatever/wherever it is.
It would be easier to leave that twig at the mercy of the sea - each in his own way. To each his own destiny. This way swimming would be more easily, but the stubborn shipwrecked rather makes harder his feat bringing it with himself.
When he will be rescued, that same twig will be the real proof of his appalling adventure, but also of his strength and pride to be safe and sound, eventually.

What will happen after that earth will stop melting under Italians' feet to swallow us; after that the last of us will be laid off, and that home - maybe the only one still standing after the flood – will be not affordable?

We'll care of this later.

For now we want to remain focused on our rotten twig.

Then we’ll think about how to mend the sole of this holey boot which is now Italy.

But how many times can be resoled a boot before throwing it away?

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